Homemakers offer cooking, health tips

Participants in Saturday’s Blue Ribbon Recipes Cooking School had the opportunity to be served a five-course meal cooked by award-winning chefs. They also had the opportunity to help make a difference to women statewide. The Madison County Extension Homemakers hosted the cooking school, which featured chefs who have won first place, or blue ribbon awards, […]

Health tips

I would like to give the people of my beloved country some health tips. These are:  1. Potassium is a mineral. It helps to maintain correct blood pressure. It also keeps a person young. It doesn’t mean that one has to take potassium without consulting a physician. Too much potassium, or too little of it, […]

5 Lifestyle Tips that Lower Your Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Keeping a healthy lifestyle — by refraining from smoking, limiting alcohol intake, eating healthily, working out and maintaining a small waistline — can go a long way in preventing colorectal cancer, according to a new study. Nearly a quarter of colorectal cancer cases could be prevented by adhering to these five lifestyle  recommendations, said study […]

Following healthy lifestyle tips could prevent bowel cancer

A new study has indicated that almost a quarter of colorectal (bowel) cancer cases could be prevented if people followed healthy lifestyle advice in five areas including diet and exercise. Researchers from Denmark found that following recommendations on physical activity, waist circumference, smoking, alcohol and diet could reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer considerably […]

Tips on how to get good quality sleep

The clocks go back at the weekend and experts say it will take many of us three days to adjust to the change in our normal sleeping patterns. It’s bad news for anyone who already struggles to get enough shut-eye. So here Dr Neil Stanley, who has been researching sleep for 28 years, gives his […]